Anger Control Therapy

Our Anger Control Therapy program, also known as our Anger Management Program, specifically addresses your anger problems that are hurting you each and every day. This anger often leads to things like crime, abuse, aggression, a high degree of conflict, marital problems and job difficulties.  

This specialized program offers cognitive

behavioral interventions and a plan for dealing with your anger effectively. This program is appropriate for individuals 8-years old through adulthood to teach the individual how to control anger. Practical, easy-to-use materials will be given and a plan will be provided for the individual to begin managing and communicating anger in a more effective way.  

Clarity Counseling Agency also offers group sessions at a low cost to assist you in dealing with anger related disorders and incidents. Meeting court ordered probation requirements is also offered to people in Sacramento and surrounding communities.

Many families and educators need to know where to start. We develop comprehensive educational tools to help you succeed with your specific situation.

Concerned about the first step? We understand. Contact us and we can help you discover the ideal first step in your journey.

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Anger Control Therapy Anger Control Therapy

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