Active Parenting: Developing Positive Emotional Responses in Your Child

In working with children at any age I feel that it is most important to have active parent involvement in providing therapy to their child. You are the most powerful, influential person in your child's life. How you respond to…


How to Control Anger: The ABC's of Anger Management

Any time you are going to work on reducing the level of your anger you first have to look at the ABC's of anger. By breaking down our anger in this way, we can begin to look and examine our response to situations and people that…  


Questions to the Therapist: Children with OCD

Do you have a child with OCD? I recently received a question asking about information for children with OCD. In particular, "are there any special diets, medications or tools you would suggest.” First, I would like any of you…


Questions to the Therapist: Arguing Question

“My partner and I are arguing more frequently and often our arguments escalate to screaming matches.  Are there things you can recommend so that we can begin to communicate better with each other?” The first thing to keep…


Questions to the Therapist: Marital Question

“Recently I found that my husband of over 10 years was responding to personal ads on a dating website. He stated that he had not acted on the email, but I just can't seem to get past it. His reason for responding to the ads was…”

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Active Parenting

How you respond to situations whether they are happy, mad or sad will likely be how your child responds to these emotions. As a parent you can make…

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