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Why do people in relationships seek help?

1) Trauma: Any traumatic event can expose and/or create difficulties in a relationship.  And yes an affair is a traumatic event.

2) I'm already gone:  This is when one person has already left the relationship.  Usually one of the partners want to be hooked up with therapy so at least they can say they tried.  

3) Conflict:  This is general arguing and bumping heads.  When things escalate to name calling and hurtful comments hostility and anger can build.

4) Wanting more:  In these situations there is not always a clear presenting problem.  One partner wants more from the relationship usually meaning more energy, connection, intimacy.

What can Clarity Counseling Agency do for my relationship?

We start with communication. That means we work on increasing the effective communication between the couple, through introduced concepts and skills from the therapist, so that you can begin to better communicate to your partner your wants, fears, frustrations, pain, etc. Sometimes through this process alone you will begin to see improvements in your relationship from minor adjustments in your communication.   

Clarity Counseling Agency also offers a 10 session relationship enhancement program starting with creating a vision for your relationship. From there sessions explore what is holding you back and what can help you move forward towards that vision. Further work is done on how you communicate to your partner your wounds and frustrations, through reconnecting and re-romanticizing.

If you feel your relationship needs help, or that you and your partner are on different pages and not able to communicate effectively, contact Clarity Counseling Agency for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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