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Once a month our Single Fathers Group meets in Sacramento to see how other single dads still remain an important part of their child's lives.  The group is facilitated by licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Matthew Volzer and explores ways of continuing to build positive relationships with your children while managing the difficulties that come along with a split household.  Resources will be shared to provide extra needed support and discussions will be held to identify solutions to problems you face as a single father.

This group is open to any single fathers in the area currently. You do not need to be a current patient to attend the therapy groups.


Thursdays at 6:00pm


Clarity Counseling Agency

3550 Watt Ave, #181

Sacramento, CA 95821



To attend the meetings, please call Clarity Counseling Agency at (916) 672-7692 or email us directly at

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3550 Watt Ave #181

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